Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP)

Ride Start Date:

Like the Olympics, Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is held once every four years and attracts the most aspiring athletes in their field. The next PBP will be held 18-22 August 2019. World-wide, keen randonneurs are preparing for this prestigious event.

Since its inception in 1891 as a race, PBP has evolved into the largest and most inspiring amateur randonnée in the world. Over four days, thousands of riders from around the world pedal 1200 kilometres through rolling French countryside and festive villages. Spectators line the route, cheering and supporting the riders to push themselves to finish within time.

The Official Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 brochure, is available on the Paris-Brest-Paris website.

The Paris-Brest-Paris website contains a huge amount of information and is the best source of accurate information about the event. 

Information For Audax Australia Members

While PBP is an individual ride and achievement, it’s great to feel part of a team. Audax Australia members have access to a fabulous and highly desirable team jersey and other clothing, an organised bag drop, and co-ordinated team accommodation.

Members can subscribe to the 2019 PBP Newsletter by emailing

American travel company, Travel Haus, is providing the bag drop service and team hotel for Australian team members. The Hôtel Restaurant Campanile in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines has been designated as the Australian team hotel. You can book the hotel and bag drop service on the Travel Haus PBP website. Hotel bookings made through Travel Haus include bicycle and luggage storage facilities for the period of your stay and while you ride PBP.

Entry numbers have been limited for the 2019 PBP and all the available pre-registration places have been filled.

ACP have advised that no further places will be made available for the 2019 edition.

You need to qualify for PBP 2019 by riding a full Super Randonneur series of ACP brevets (200, 300, 400 and 600 km BRMs) between 1 November 2018 and 23 June 2019. There are no identified periods to complete specified lengths of brevet as there are in some countries. The brevets can be ridden in any order but must be BRM rides. For the purpose of PBP qualification, ACP allows applicants to use longer ACP sanctioned brevets to substitute for shorter ones. Australian BAs or Permanent rides are not acceptable.

Registrations can only be made through the PBP website between 25 May and 3 July 2019 with the homologation numbers of your qualifying brevets. You can register with only three of the four qualifying brevets completed, but you need to provide the missing brevet certification number on or before 3 July 2019 or your registration will be cancelled.

The registration fee is yet to be confirmed, but it will be around €120.

Riders will be sent off in waves of 300 every 15 minutes at the start time and start wave they selected during pre-registration. Start times are:

  • from 16:00 Sunday 18 August 2019 for an 80 hour time limit
  • from 17:30 Sunday 18 August 2019 for an 90 hour time limit
  • from 05:00 Monday 19 August 2019 for an 84 hour time limit

The 2019 PBP will start and finish in Rambouillet for the first time. As accommodation is limited, most people will have to travel some distance to the start. Information on how to get to and from Rambouillet is on the PBP website.

The Australian PBP team kit can be purchased by logging into the Audax portal and selecting the PBP Merchandise tab. The ordering window closes on Tuesday 21 May and there will not be another opportunity to order the kit. The artwork that formed the basis for the PBP jersey and other kit items is an authentic Indigenous design especially created for Audax Australia by Lani Balzan, a leading indigenous artist. It will be a highly desirable swap item.

The club’s magazine Checkpoint is a great source of information about all things Audax and especially Paris-Brest-Paris. The editions following each PBP share Australian experiences. Checking out the magazine archive also enables you to enjoy some insights into the development of the club over 30 years or more.

Read the account in December 1987 by Aileen Martin – first Aussie woman to ride PBP – about starting and finishing with a not fully healed broken pelvis; dip into December 1991 or December 1995 or January 2000.

For more contemporary accounts, try Issue 33 Spring 2007, Issue 34 Summer 2007-08, Issue 50 Summer 2011-12, and Issue 65 Spring 2015.

To learn more about the event’s rich history click here.

For something historic, “PBP Was My Greatest Triumph” by Sir Hubert “Oppy” Opperman, is an account of the 1931 race.

Australian Finishers of Paris-Brest-Paris 1891-2015

Since 1983 when Frank Brandon, Russell Moore and Stephen Poole became the first Australians to take part in PBP after Sir Hubert Opperman’s winning of the event in 1931, many Australian Audaxers have made the trip to France. For some, it’s a once-off. For others, it’s another in a long series.

Full name19311983198719911995199920032007201120152019Count
DONNAN Peter1991199520072011201520196
MINTER Dave1999200320072011201520196
MOORE Peter1991199519992003200720116
PAGE Jonathan1995199920032007201120156
CRIBB Paul199920032007201120155
LAUGHER Tim198719992003201120155
PATERSON Leigh199920072011201520195
RAWNSLEY Matthew199519992003200720115
VESEL Steve199119951999200320075
ARMSWORTH Garry20032007201120194
DOVE Howard20072011201520194
HEAL Peter20072011201520194
HEARD Andrew20072011201520194
MORTON Rebecca20072011201520194
POOLE Stephen19831987199120154
ROW George20072011201520194
SHULUBIN Serguey20032007201520194
BELLETTE Philip1991199519993
BENTLEY Michael2007201120193
BRYANT Katherine2011201520193
CREATI Mick2011201520193
DALE Nick2007201120153
DIXON Peter2003200720113
DUSINK Hans1999200320073
GARRITY Ian2011201520193
GIDDINS Phil1995199920033
HALTON Donald1995199920033
HAMILTON Russell2003200720113
HICKMAN Wayne2007201120193
HORSLEY Peter1991200320073
IRVINE Neil1987199119953
KENNEDY Douglas2003200720113
KING Trevor1999200320073
LANSOM Greg2003200720113
MADDISON Simon2011201520193
MARTIN Peter Julian1995199920033
MOORE Barry1999200320073
PAGE Warren2007201120153
PORTWAY Oliver1995199920113
PULI Brendan2011201520193
SMITH Kerri-Ann2007201120193
TATRAI Gerald1987199119993
TAYLOR Sue1991199519993
WALL Garry2011201520193
WATSON Stephen2003200720193
AUSTIN Geoffrey201120152
BEASLEY Gary199520072
BEDNARZ Robert199519992
BLASSE Bjorn200320072
BOARDMAN Henry199920032
BOOTH Nicholas201520192
BOYLE John Cameron200320112
BURGE Geoffrey201120192
CHAPLIN Sarah201520192
CUNNINGHAM Greg200320072
CUNYNGHAME David199920032
CURTIS Peter199920032
DE MAN Henry200720112
DROZ Gilbert198719912
EVANS Gareth200720112
FAIRWEATHER David201520192
FARMER Colin199119952
FOREMAN Warren201520192
GADOMSKY Guido201520192
GOONATILLAKE Hari200720112
HOPPER Ronald198719912
JENKINS Roy199920032
LEE Stephen200720112
LEHANE Pat200720112
MARTIN Greg200320112
MASLEN Thomas199119992
MATHEWS Peter199920032
McCROSSIN Mark200720112
McKEAN Derek199119992
MOORE Russell198319912
MORISON Alethea199119952
NANKIVELL Tom200720112
PEARSON Martin200720112
PIETSCH Stanley201120152
RILEY Mark201520192
ROGERS Malcolm199519992
SEARLE Peter200320072
SKEERS Garry200720152
STREDWICK Tim200320072
TEMBY Kathryn200320072
THEOFANIDES Sally201520192
TONKIN Alan199920032
WALKER Alan200320152
WATT Raymond199520032
ANDRE Jason19951
ANTONIOU Christopher20031
ATKINS Stephen20111
AVON Dermot19911
BAILEY David19871
BAKER Gary20151
BAKER Tavis20151
BARRETT Jeffrey20111
BASSETT Graig Guy19991
BENNETT Andrew19991
BENNETT Karl20071
BLAKE Andrew20111
BOEHM Ian20031
BOOGERT Tom20111
BOWTELL David20071
BRADBURY Matthew20071
BRADY Andrew19911
BRANDON Frank19831
BRAY Geoffrey20031
BRIGGS Donald19951
BRINCH Johan20111
BROWN Robin19951
BURNETT Nicholas20151
BURNS Rowan20031
BURTON Mark20151
CAMBELL Peter19991
CANNELL Glen19991
CARR Peter20151
CARTER Peter20071
CAULFIELD George Arthur20031
CHADWICK John19991
CHADWICK Pamela19991
CHANT Jim20071
CLARK Malcolm19911
COLE Peter19951
COLLINS Bernard19951
COOPER Steven Arthur20031
COURTNEY Steven19951
CUCVARA Saxifrage20151
DELI Dome20191
DEMPSEY Simon20151
DENNIS Charles20071
DICKSON Allan20031
DODDS Bruce20071
DOUPE Patrick20191
DOVER Raoul20191
DOWELL Stuart20111
DRUMMOND Martin20191
DUNN Michael20111
EALES David20071
EDWARDS David19991
EDWARDS Stuart20151
EGAN Gerard20151
EGGING Marco19951
ERNST Matthias20071
EVANS John20071
FARMER Barbara19951
FARREN Paul19911
FENN Hayden20191
FISHER Russell20071
FISK Nicholas20191
FREEMANTLE Russell20071
GABADOU Michael20071
GALLIKER Otto19991
GAMBLE Peter Andrew20031
GAULD Ronald20111
GEORGE Ian20111
GEORGE Stephen20071
GERRARD David20191
GIDDINGS Phil20151
GILL Simon20151
GOBLE Steve20151
GODKIN Rob20111
GOULD John20151
GRANT Philipe Michael20031
GREEN Justin20111
GREEN Lindsay19951
HALTON Enid19951
HARDY Sean20031
HARMER Lionel20071
HART David20071
HAYNES Martin20071
HEARD David20111
HEIDTMAN Ross19991
HELLIER Andrew20071
HELYAR Keith Ronald20031
HELYAR Mary Gillian20031
HINDS Gavin20151
HOL John20031
HOOY Mark20071
HORNBY Brian20111
HORSFIELD Chris20191
HULME Andrew20191
IRVINE Simon20191
JAMES Michael20111
JANG Phillip20111
JENSEN Jan Erik20151
JEPPESEN Bill20031
JINKS James20191
JOHNSON Catherine20071
JOHNSTONE Harley20031
JONAS Pamela20151
JOYCE Brian19951
KARAMATIC James20151
KATER Michel19911
KEBLIKAS Rimas20151
KELLER Ingo20031
KERR David20151
KERSLEY Kristine19951
KING David20111
KIPPERS Vaughan20151
KIRKLAND Shane20031
KIRWAN Ron20071
LANG Brendan20191
LASZCZYK John19991
LAWRENCE Craig20151
LE VAILLANT Lynda19991
LENNON Anthony20111
LESTER Thomas Lionel20031
LETTE Garrie20071
LIM Francis20191
LITT James20191
LOTHRINGER Graeme19991
LOVEGREEN Scott20191
LOWE Cassandra19991
LOWE Keith19911
MACINTYRE Andrew20071
MACKLIN Simon20151
MACMILLAN Gordon19991
MAHONY Sean20151
MANDOKI Nicholas20191
MARTIN Aileen19871
MARTIN John19871
MARTIN Malcolm19951
MARTIN Peter William20071
MATUSZEK Maria19991
MAURER Wayne20071
MAYNARD Paul19951
McCALLUM Peter20111
McCANN Scott20151
McCARTHY Richard19951
McCLOSKEY Eamonn20071
McCROSSIN Paul20151
McDONALD Duncan20031
McDONNELL Antony19871
McGRATH Michael20151
McHUGH Bob20071
McKAIN John19991
MILCH Steven19991
MITCHELL Frank20031
MOFFATT Hamish20111
MOHANDAS Janardanan19991
MORRISON Sean20151
MURDIE Ruth20151
NETTING Angus20151
NEWTON Mark20191
NG Paul19951
NOBLE Russell20111
NOCKA Anthony20191
NORRIS Kevin19911
O’BRIEN Christopher19951
O’CALLAGHAN Peter19991
OCHOA Pepe20111
O’CONNOR Daniel20191
OLSEN Carl19911
OPPERMAN Hubert19311
PAGAC Daniel20071
PAGE Stephen20111
PALMER Grant Richard20031
PASCOE Kevin19911
PEAK Ian David19991
PEAKALL Gary20191
PEARSON Arran20151
PIERCY Kevin20111
PLATA Frank20071
POILE Graeme20191
POLLARD Ian19911
POMPILI Claudio20111
POWELL Christopher Robert20031
POWELL Steve20191
PRATT Gregory20191
PREYER Frank John20031
PRICE Thomas20151
PURVIS Mark20071
QUINN John19951
RAISON Perry20111
REDDEN Brian19911
REED Richard20191
RICHARDSON Anthony20151
RIDDEL David20191
ROBB Geoffrey19991
ROBERTS Andy20151
ROCK Daniel20111
ROGERS Christopher David20031
ROSE Lindsay19911
ROSS Errol20071
ROWLANDS Stephen20071
ROWLEY Philip19911
SALINGER Thomas20191
SAUNDERS Kevin20071
SCHEER Richard20111
SHAW David19991
SHAW Dennis Richard20031
SHORTEN Haydon20111
SILK Denise20071
SIMPSON Alexander20191
SMITH Michael20151
SMITH Robert Reid19951
SNIBSON Rodney Paul20031
SORRELL Mark19911
SPENCER Ian Richard19951
STACY Lyndon19951
STEVENS Ross20071
STEVENSON Barry20031
STEWART Adrian19991
STODALE Stewert19871
SURGEON Bill20071
SURR Fred19871
SYKES Justin20071
TAYLOR Stephen20151
TAYLOR Tim20111
THEO Ross20031
THORNTON Graham19991
THWAITES Richard20191
TINKLER Andrew20151
TOWN Murray19991
TRAVERS Kim Luise19991
TURNER Lisa20071
TYDENS Casey20111
VAN DYK Patrick19991
VELLA Aldo19991
WALDEN Matthew20191
WALKER Dayton Robert20031
WALSH Christopher19991
WANG Shih-Chang20111
WARE Kevin Edwin20031
WATSON Don19951
WATT Simon20111
WEBSTER Robert20111
WEISS Peter20031
WHITE Adam20191
WHITELEY Keith19911
WIDJAJA Mudiarto20191
WILKINSON Graeme20031
WINCHESTER Tiffany20191
WITHAM David19951
WONG Michael20151
WRIGHT James20191
WURLOD Barry20071
YURISICH Adrian20111
ZGOZNIK Johnny20071
ZUCCHI Caesar Francis20151