Building a Route on RideWithGPS

Last Modified: 07/10/2019

Join the RideWithGPS Audax Club Account

RideWithGPS has been selected as Audax Australia’s Cycle Route Planning Service. A Club Account has been subscribed to by Audax Australia.

All Audax Australia members should:

Route Manager Access in RideWithGPS

When you join the Audax RideWithGPS Club, you have Read Only access to routes in the RideWithGPS library.

As a ride Organiser, you are entitled to the Route Manager access in RideWithGPS.
This will provide you with the ability to add, edit, delete routes and events from the library.

Contact to request this access.

Creating a Route in RideWithGPS

It is recommended to first create a route in your personal RideWithGPS account.

After the route is developed, save it to the Audax club route library.

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