National Committee Responsibilities

Last Modified: 07/10/2019

Key Awards people, information and processes

Reference: Audax Australia Awards Policy

The National Committee will ensure that:

  • A suitably qualified person is recruited to the role of Treasurer
  • Adequate support is established as needed
  • A budget is available to maintain financial software and services as needed
  • An approved budget for the year is determined and that expenditure is within budget
  • Sufficient income is available to meet the budget requirements
  • All funding agreements are adhered to and acquitted as required
  • Financial management reports are produced and presented to the Committee Meetings
  • All legal and taxation requirements are attended to and delivered on time
  • An audit is completed as necessary in accordance with the Associations Incorporations Act
  • Decisions regarding investment are resolved by the Committee

IT Services

Membership services are provided by Wild Apricot
Audax Membership Website:

Google G Suite

Google provide G Suite at no cost to not-for-profit organisations including Audax Australia. Google G Suite collaboration tools are offered to all Audax National and Regional Committee members.

The current services supported by Audax include:


Team Drive
(Shared File Storage)

(Instant Messaging)


G Suite Training

G Suite training is available for all users

A Zoom account has been created for voice and video conferencing.
Zoom has been purchase for AGMs, club nights, regional meetings, etc.

Attendees can access by:

  • using their phone
  • creating a free account in Zoom and using it,

Audax has only one paid Zoom account, hence only one Zoom calendar to be shared by National and all Regions.

Larger regions may also require a Jabra Speak 710 UC speaker phone or for smaller regions a Jabra Speak 510 UC speaker phone.

RideWithGPS has been selected as Audax Australia’s Route Planning Service. A Club Account has been subscribed to by Audax Australia. All Audax Australia members can create a (free or paid) RideWithGPS account and join the Audax Australia Cycling Club Account.

All Audax Australia members should:

Ride Organisers should:

Audax Australia uses two Mail Blast services:

  1. Wild Apricot Mail Blast services are used to send emails to members only, including Regional Newsletters, All Member Email Notices and Regional Email Notices.
    Audax Access:
  2. Acymailing Mail Blast services are used to send notices of Upcoming Rides to members and non-member subscribers.
    Audax Access:

Technical Services are required by IT Administrators to deliver services to End Users. Typically these services are not seen by End Users.

  • Domain Registration
  • DNS
  • Certificates
  • Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • etc

For more information regarding Technical Services, refer to Technical Services.docx in the IT folder of Audax’s Team Drive.

Key Insurance people, information and processes

  • Determine insurance requirements
  • Select insurance policy and provider
  • Manage relationship with insurance provider
  • Manage insurance processes

Key Marketing people, information and processes

Key Policy and Compliance people, information and processes

Immediately Post AGM

  • March issue of Checkpoint Advise the editor of up-to-date contact details for all members of National Committee for publication on page 1. The deadline for this issue is generally the first week of February.
  • Arrange updates to the club website.

Within 30 Days of AGM

  • Attend to Statutory obligations:
    • Provide Annual Return to Consumer Affairs Victoria. Form and all information should form part of handover from outgoing Secretary
    • Update Directors (committee members) with ASIC through lodging ASIC Form 490. Provide the following information for new Committee members:
      • Full name
      • Address
      • Date of birth
      • Place of birth
      • Details of any name changes (When newly appointed, the Secretary will have to ask a continuing member of the Committee to sign the form.)
  • Write up the Minutes of the AGM. This is the easiest meeting of the year as most of the minutes will consist of the President’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report.
  • In conjunction with President and all other National Committee members, schedule meetings for the rest of the year.

Throughout The Year

  • Updates to ASIC form 490 (as above). Any changes that are a result of Regional AGMs will need to be notified to ASIC
    NOTE If you are late (more than 30 days after change) ASIC will fine the Club
  • Remind State Representatives that minutes of Regional AGM and other meetings must be lodged with Secretary
  • Organise National Committee meetings
  • Remind National Committee members to submit reports for circulation before the meeting
  • The Agenda and committee papers should be circulated at least 7 days before the scheduled date of the meeting.
  • Take the minutes of National Committees meetings, noting attendance and apologies and identifying key decisions and action items. For important motions include the names of both the mover and seconder. For minor motions, use a simple statement such as: “It was resolved that …”, “It was agreed that …”, or “The NC resolved to …”. Avoid recording expressions of a general nature that will bind future meetings and ensure when recording motions, particularly difficult ones, that you understand them fully.
  • Settle draft Minutes with the President and circulate to NC members asap after a meeting. Circulate these with a list of action items and responsible Committee Members
  • Use the National Committee email group for all communication

Prior to AGM

  • The Constitution determines the process for issuing notices/setting the agenda/ calling for National Committee position nominations. This must be done no later than 45 days in advance. Refer to Constitution for all details and use the Guide for Public Officers and Secretaries of Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981 as a reference.
  • Other information needed for the AGM:
    • List of recipients of Outstanding Member Awards plus the certificates for presentation. These are presented at the AGM and you will need to ensure that Regional Presidents/ State Representatives have this done well before the AGM. Ideally this should be all finalised well before Christmas as you will need to ask the Checkpoint editor to organise the printing of the Certificates.
    • Recipients of Riding Awards. Ultra Randonneur and Australian Randonneur Awards will be announced and presented at the AGM.
    • Recipients of Riding Awards. Announcement may also be made for Year Round Randonneur and Woodrup 5000, so you may need to have the lists from the Awards Secretary.
    • If necessary, organise an election for Committee members and Office bearers.
    • Keep the President informed of any matter which may assist or invalidate proceedings
    • Ask the President to provide the text of their report for incorporation into the Minutes
    • Material to have available at the AGM
      • Minutes of previous AGM
      • Financial reports o Attendance sheets for members to sign
      • If necessary, ballot forms and candidate statements, returning officers for ballots.


Key Ride Coordination people, information and processes

Ride Coordination is responsible for:

  • The development of the annual calendar of Audax cycling events.
  • The development, support and maintenance of Ride Organiser procedures
  • Welcome new Audax club members
  • Liaison with relevant international cycling clubs including Audax Club Parisian (ACP) and the Union des Audax Francais (UAF).

Note: The management of rides is the responsibility of Regions. Ride Coordination provides services to support the regions.

Key Risk and Safety people, information and processes


  • To provide a safe and healthy sporting club environment for riders, volunteers and officials.
  • Encourage everyone to take a role in accident / incident prevention.

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