Regional Committee Roles

Last Modified: 07/10/2019

Each Region elects a Regional Committee annually from club members. The Regional Committees meet regularly to report on and manage regional rides and social events as well as communicate with National and other Regions as appropriate. Each Regional Committee comprises:

The Regional President is responsible for the overall direction and management of the Region and is the chair of the Regional Committee.

The Regional Treasurer is required to:

  1. manage the financial affairs of the Region in accordance with these Regulations – Regional Annexure and National Committee and National Treasurer directions;
  2. maintain the financial records of the Region; and
  3. correspond with the National Treasurer as required.

Position Description

The Regional Brevet Secretary works closely with the Region’s ride organisers and the National Brevet Secretaries in processing the weekly brevets promptly and accurately for Club members. This job requires meticulous checking of riders’ details and events to ensure accurate information is submitted for processing.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Regional Brevet Secretary ensures that the correct information is recorded for the rides that are being processed. Ensuring that the brevets for club members are processed efficiently, timely and accurately requires weekly input to or prompting of ride organisers.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally the Regional Brevet Secretary is someone who is:

  • Well informed on the ride processes
  • Methodical and well organised
  • Experience with Excel is helpful
  • Can communicate effectively and keep tabs on the events within the region

The Regional Calendar Co-ordinator is required to co-ordinate and prepare the Region’s annual ride calendar, subject to the directions of the National Rides Calendar Co-ordinator.

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