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Last Modified: 07/10/2019

Audax Australia Badges and Awards

Riders successfully completing an Audax Australia event can purchase either an embroidered cloth patch or medallion, depending upon the distance and type of event, in recognition of their achievement. Audax Australia medallions for road rides are available for all brevet distances from 50 – 1200 km. For dirt ride events a separate series of cloth patches is available.

There are a range of cumulative awards for members and each successfully completed ride may count towards an award in each of the four Riding Award categories:

Super RandonneurA 200km ride, a 300km ride, a 400km ride and a 600km ride within a single season.
Super Randonneur InterstateAs for the Super Randonneur (Audax Australia) with each brevet being ridden in a different state or territory.
GT Super RandonneurComplete the Gran Turismo series: a 200km ride, a 300km ride, a 400km ride and a 600km ride within nine days.
Year Round RandonneurA 200km or longer ride each month of a single season.
Petite Year Round RandonneurA total of at least 600 km in rides and the ride distance per month is a minimum of 50 km for 12 consecutive months.
Dirt AwardA 35 km dirt ride, a 70 km dirt ride and a 100 km dirt ride within a single season.
Nouveau RandonneurOne ride each of 50km, 100km and 150km within a single season.
Audax Australia AnnualThis award recognises the cumulative total of Audax or randonneuring kilometres ridden in a single season.
Award distances are:
– 1,000 km
– 2,500 km
– 5,000 km
– 7,500 km
– 10,000 km
Woodrup 5000Super Randonneur, 1000 km, 1200 km (non-PBP), Fleche Opperman, and 950 km of other road rides within four seasons
Ultra RandonneurFifty road rides without time limit. These must comprise the following:
– 10 × Super Randonneur (200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km rides in a single season)
– 10 × rides of at least 1,000 km
Australian RandonneurThis award recognises a minimum of 25,000 km in lifetime riding achievements.
No time limit applies. Awards will be given for:
– 25,000 km
– 50,000 km
– 75,000 km
– 100,000 km
– 125,000 km
– 150,000 km
– 175,000 km 
– 200,000 km

Australian members may also apply for awards given by Audax Club of Paris.

If you have a query about eligibility for any awards, please contact our Awards Secretary .

Award Applications – Single Season / Annual Awards

Single season & annual awards applications are through the website. This will dramatically reduce administration work, and should make it faster and easier to apply for awards.

Please follow this link – you will need to login to the portal using the email address and password used for the membership site. If you’ve forgotten that password you can reset your password.

The tool will allow you to select the brevets recorded against your name.

Award Application Form

Forms should only be used for Lifetime, Ultra Randonneur and Woodrup 5000 awards.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the form is completed and complies with the Awards Policy. Applicants may be required to substantiate claims with proof.

  • Australian Randonneur Lifetime Achievement (Cumulative Distance)Excel Spreadsheet
  • Ultra Randonneur Word Document
  • Woodrup 5000 Excel Spreadsheet

Forms should be sent to the Awards Secretary who can be contacted via email at awards@audax.org.au. On receiving an award application the Award Secretary will acknowledge the the application with a receipt. If you don’t receive the receipt please follow up to ensure your application has been received.

Audax awards, including qualifying criteria, are documented in the Awards Policy

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