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Last Modified: 07/10/2019

In the past the “cue sheet” was the definition of an Audax ride route. Turn-by-turn directions were meticulously curated over the years in hand-written notes or spread-sheets. These days the cue sheets are mostly automatically generated from the route that is stored in the club’s “RideWithGPS” account. In a sense, the cue sheets are now derived from the more definitive stored GPS route. While 95+% of riders rely on GPS bike computers, a paper cue sheet can be be a comforting “back-up”.

GPS Cycling Computers

There used to be only one option for a GPS computer and that was those offered by Garmin. Now there are many other brands Wahoo, Bryton, Lyzene, etc that also offer good options. All these brands offer computers with different software, and even different models of the same brand can be completely different in their operation. However, what is generally true is that none of the computers are fool-proof in their use.

There are many things that can go wrong, many that can be traced back to “user error”. Each computer have their own individual quirks and issues you need to be aware of. You should never go on an important ride with a new GPS computer without first becoming familiar with it. This can take weeks / months to become fully familiar with your GPS computer.

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