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Welcome to Tasmania! Yes, we know Tasmania can be hilly and we do have rides that take advantage of beauty and challenge of those hills. But we’ve also got “Tasmanian Flat” rides on quiet roads through scenic countryside. Come see for yourself!

Tasmanian Upcoming Rides

Upcoming rides for Tasmania for the next 3 months

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

Hadspen Hike 600Register
Headquartering in Hadspen and heading out over hills and hollows in Northern Tasmania, a 600 km with about 4600 metres of climbing
Distance: 604km | TAS | BRM
Starting off with Church…..
Some of my favourite gravel sections combined into a nice 200K ride. Starting off with Church Rd
Distance: 200km | TAS | BRM
Tour de Tas 2021Register
1200km circumnavigation of Tasmania
Distance: 1200km | TAS | BRM
Meander Meander 400
Meander through the lovely Meander Valley and area in Northern Tasmania, then return to Launceston for a final challenge before the finish – one last climb. 400 km ride with a 27-hour time limit, including all breaks.
Distance: 401km | TAS | BRM
Tasmanian Opperman
A team of 3 to 5 Tasmanian members cycling a Tasmanian Opperman
Distance: 360km | TAS | Fleche
Penguin Parade 300
Find the penguin in Tasmania’s north during a 300 km ride with a 20-hour time limit, including all breaks. Gentle hills with a few rollers along the way.
Distance: 302km | TAS | BRM
Easter Adventure 200
The ride will start in Hadspen and will explore northern Tasmania. Mostly flat, with a few rollers, we offer no guarantees with regard to wind and other weather. Come prepared with lights, reflective gear, and all-weather clothing.
Distance: 203km | TAS | BRM
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ASH Dash

The ASH Dash is Tasmania’s premier 200km+ endurance ride. This 207km ride takes in some…
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