Audax Victoria organises rides ranging from 50 to 1200 km. Victoria is a relatively compact state and offers a fantastic range of cycling routes. Some samples of our rides include city bike paths with plenty of coffee and food stops, coastal ocean roads, winding rivers and challenging Alpine mountains.

Audax riding can offer the rider ways to explore regions of Victoria at a relatively comfortable pace. To complete a ride, you only need to average 15 km/hour for distances up to 600 km. Interested? Check out our region ride calnedar and contact the ride organiser to get started.

Victorian Upcoming Rides

Upcoming rides for Victoria for the next 28 days

Details of all scheduled rides are in the Audax Calendar

  • 03
    All Saints Day
    A scenic ride from Cobram up the Murray River and beside Lake Mulwala to Corowa, then along All Saints Road and past(?) All Saints Winery , returning to Cobram via Yarrawonga.
    Distances: 101km, 202km, 307km, 400km, 601km | VIC | BA
  • 04
    Some Saints Day
    You get a choice of all distances in the All Saints Day on the Saturday, and you can finish off a weekend of riding in Cobram on Sunday with your choice of 50, 100, 150 or 200 km in Some Saints Day.
    Distances: 51km, 103km, 151km, 202km | VIC | BA
  • 05
    Bay City Roller
    A variation on an old ride. A tour around the Mornington Peninsula, including a climb up to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Starting/ending at a bakery in Elwood.
    Distance: 205km | VIC | BRM
  • 07
    Wednesday Warriors
    Every Wednesday morning Keith’s Warriors do 5 – 6 hours of social riding. Maybe some hills, definitely some coffee. A post ride lunch once a month also adds to the fun. They start from Frankston once a month, occasionally elsewhere.
    Distance: 80km | VIC | None
  • 10
    Donna Gravel 200 / 300Register
    200 or 300 mixed terrain, all traverse the back of Donna Buang and the surrounding area
    Distances: 200km, 300km | VIC | BG
  • 11
    Il Longwarry
    A hilly jaunt through the hills of West Gippsland. From Longwarry, along jacksons track to Jindivick, up to Noojee, back to Moe, up the lovely Coalville rd to Thorpdale and along the edges of the Strzelecki’s back to Longwarry.
    Distance: 203km | VIC | BRM
  • 17
    Searching for the BunyipRegister
    Mixed Terrain Adventures in the home of the Bunyip. Sealed, unsealed, and hills. What more could you ask for?
    Distance: 100km | VIC | BG
  • 19
    Winter Surf – Monday
    From Werribee via the back roads to Lara and Geelong foreshore. 200 km riders take the Horseshoe Bend Road to Torquay and Bells Beach. Return via Moriac and a loop west of Geelong to Lara and home. 100 km riders return from Geelong
    Distances: 100km, 203km | VIC | BRM
  • 24
    Kinglake Gravel
    Quiet, beautiful gravel roads. Nothing too rough, but quite a lot of climbing involved. CX bike recommended.
    Distances: 107km, 153km | VIC | BG

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